Welcome Letter

Welcome Letter

On behalf of the Scottish Cot Death Trust, we welcome each and every one of you to Glasgow. Enjoy all that Glasgow and Scotland has to offer you. 

ISPID, ISA and the various committee members have done an excellent job in bringing this Conference together. It promises to offer you something valuable which you will want to build on. We have brought together the most inspiring and knowledgeable individuals and the most passionate groups from over 24 countries in the world, within an environment which promotes energy and creativity. 

Many parents ask, and have asked, for so many years, “Why did my baby die?” To find the answer to this question is a responsibility befalling charitable organisations such as the Scottish Cot Death Trust. 

These answers may only come through working collaboratively, which is why these joint conferences are so important and why we wanted to host the 2018 International Conference on Stillbirth, SIDS and Baby Survival.

We need you to bring your experiences to Glasgow, share your knowledge and enlighten others attending. To take on board the initiatives you hear about, which have proven to effectively reduce the numbers of infant deaths. Be inspired by innovations which you can implement in your practice, use to inform your research, ensure better support for bereaved families and help in our joint endeavours.

Keep in mind, always, that the statistics you hear and read about are not just numbers. They are children not with their families, children who will not play, learn, grow and give back to local communities. Listen to the stories you hear from families and let their voices determine that you will make a difference.

Have a wonderful Conference.

Lynsay Allan welcome letter.png
Lynsay Allan
Executive Director
Scottish Cot Death Trust
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Dr John P McClure
Scottish Cot Death Trust

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